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Payment system:
Currency: Uzbekistani soʻm
Type of card: Debet card

International Corporate VISA Business plastic cards of Kapitalbank JSCB are modern and convenient!

By purchasing International Corporate VISA Business plastic cards, customers are provided with a high level of service and comfort.

Together with the International Corporate VISA Business plastic cards of Kapitalbank JSCB, you acquire:

  • Security of payments and storage of funds
  • Saving time on recalculation of bills in the calculations
  • No need to carry bulky bundles of cash
  • Accuracy in calculations

Scope of application of International Corporate VISA Business plastic cards of Kapitalbank JSCB. With the help of cards you can:

  • Pay for travel expenses
  • Pay for goods and services in trade and service enterprises where trading terminals are installed
  • Receive cash at bank cash desks and ATMs (outside the Republic of Uzbekistan)
  • Replenish money from the organization’s settlement account to the card account


Bank service/ Condition of service

Commission rate of the Bank, charged to client for Bank's transaction performance



Issue of a plastic card




Card reissue upon card expiration




Reissue of the card due to: loss of /damage to the card

30,000 soums



Change of the name of the cardholder - replacement




Card expiry date

5 years


Card issuance date from the date of signing the maintenance agreement

No more than 1 business day



Minimum balance




Card account maintenance

No commission fee is charged



Processing of transactions for receiving cash on Visa cards of the JSCB Kapitalbank in the service network of the JSCB Kapitalbank

The service is not available



Cash withdrawal outside the Republic of Uzbekistan

2% of the amount, min 1 USD


Processing transactions for payment of goods and services

Free of charge


Investigation on account and transactions

Free of charge

The following operations are not allowed:

  • Processing of card issue transactions   in the  territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Cashless transfer  from a card account on behalf of the cardholder
  • Replenishment of the card account with cash
  • Crediting of wages and payments equivalent to it, within the framework of agreements on implementation of salary projects with enterprises
  • Other crediting of cash to the card account, except for  return of cash from trade and service enterprises and mistaken cash write-offs.
Card blocking in case of loss or damage and  pin code change, with no commission.
Connection and provision of  3D Secure service is carried out automatically, with no commission.

The Visa card is the key to access Your account where Your money is located. By following these basic precautions, you can minimize the risk of unauthorized withdrawals from your account.

  • To prevent others from using your card, keep the PIN code separate from the card, do not write the PIN code on the card, do not tell the PIN code to any other person. When entering a PIN code on an electronic terminal or ATM, do this so that the entered numbers are not visible to others. 

  • Periodically check the card account transactions-this can be done on the statements received from the Bank, as well as using the free SMS informing service by sending an appropriate SMS message to the number 2212. In case of detection of suspicious or unknown transactions, immediately report it to the Bank. The list of SMS notification commands can be found here - > INSTRUCTIONS

  • In case of loss of the card (loss, theft, withdrawal) or, if the information about the PIN code or details of the card became available to third parties, immediately put the card on the STOP list using the service of SMS informing by sending an appropriate SMS message to the number 2212, as well as urgently contact "Kapitalbank" and inform about the loss of the card orally or in writing.

  • In order to avoid fraud with Your card, require operations with it only in Your presence, do not allow it to be taken out of your field of vision.

  • When receiving cash at the ATM, make sure that the ATM is installed in a well-lit place or a special room of the Bank, do not carry out operations in ATMs that are installed in deserted places. Examples of installation of the devices for reading card data

  • The original document proving the identity
  • Agreement between the Bank and a legal entity
  • Agreement between the Bank and an individual
Operating days in card departments:
  • VISA Card opening - to 4 p.m.
  • EMV SMART VISTA Cards cash withdrawal - to 4p.m.,
  • Other operations - to 5 p.m.


Accuracy in the calculations and no need to carry large packs of cash


Saving time on recounting bills in calculations


Security of settlements and storage of funds


Saving time on recounting bills in calculations


Accuracy in the calculations and no need to carry large packs of cash
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