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For Retail and Service Outlets (RSOs)

In accordance with government’s decisions on the development of a settlement system using bank plastic cards, all retail trade, service and public catering facilities must be equipped with point-of-sale terminals for accepting payments using bank plastic cards.

If you are a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur and sell goods/services/works, the JSCB Kapitalbank offers you the service of providing a payment terminal for temporary use, which will allow you to accept plastic cards issued by all banks participating in the UZCARD Interbank Payment System as a means of payment for the goods and services provided.

Benefits, which a retail and service outlet obtains when using a payment terminal, are as follows:

  • increase in the sales turnover due to the fact that cardholders are not limited by the amount of cash and, therefore, they decide to make impulse purchases more easily;
  • expanding the customer base by attracting bank card holders;
  • ensuring greater security of settlements;
  • reduction of cash collection costs.


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