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Conversion operations

Kapitalbank JSCB is one of the major operators of currency trading at the Uzbek Republican currency exchange. The Bank actively conducts US dollar and Euro operations. Where required, the Bank's Treasury specialists will help you address the matters of conducting counter payment transactions. For clients with the material account balances, as well as those having proved to be reliable partners, who clearly and promptly perform their obligations under transactions, the Bank can set limits within which transactions will be conducted with no prepayment, immediately after confirmation exchange.

Currency operations

Kapitalbank JSCB, being one of the largest banks in Uzbekistan, provides services in accordance with the current legislation for all types of currency transactions, including foreign trade agreements, credit and loan agreements, trade finance transactions, as well as non-commercial currency transactions. The highly qualified specialists of Kapitalbank JSCB provide free advice to the Bank's clients at any stage of their transactions. Using the recommendations of the qualified specialists, the Bank's clients will be able to conclude agreements with account for minimum requirements of and on the terms meeting currency regulation standards. All offices and branches of Kapitalbank JSBC provide a full range of currency transaction services. The currency transaction departments of the Bank's offices and branches will provide recommendations on drawing up the terms of mutual settlements under foreign trade contracts in the most favorable forms and in full compliance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Major currency transactions conducted in JSCB "Kapitalbank”:

  • placement of free funds on term and savings deposits
  • trade finance transactions, letters of credit, guarantee transactions
  • factoring
  • interbank international payments for mutual settlements under foreign trade transactions
  • foreign cash transactions
  • forex transactions, including national to foreign currency conversion, conversion of one foreign currency to another, spot transactions.
Tariff International
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Below are links to download the basic provisions and legislative acts in the field of currency regulation in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as samples of forms to fill out and submit to the bank.

Currency payment sample
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