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Audit Committee.

The functions of the Audit Committee are to examine the reports of the Internal Audit Department submitted for each internal audit, to study quarterly reports on internal audit and present them to the Council of the Bank, as well as assistance to the Council of the Bank in developing technical tasks for external auditors.

The Committee for staff assessment, development and remuneration.

  • Implementation of main provisions in the field of the Bank’s staff management and development;
  • monitoring and optimization of the number of employees of the Bank and its structural divisions for effective performance of the tasks set;
  • development of corporate values and implementation of the Bank's corporate culture;
  • taking decisions (as needed) on establishment of individual increments and other types of incentive payments to all employees of the Bank;
  • setting the scale of increments to official salaries and other types of payments to employees of the Bank and its structural divisions;
  • taking decisions on payment for training (full-time and part-time) of the Bank’s employees;
  • consideration of issues related to work with personnel in collegial decision making.

Commission for settlement of conflicts of interest in the Bank

Monitoring the prevention of conflicts taking into account verbal and written statements and demands of shareholders, clients, members of management bodies and employees of the Bank about conflicts of interest, as well as searching for a solution that, being legal and justified, would eliminate the conflict of interests which has arisen or is emerging.


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