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The underwriting system has been introduced in “Kapitalbank” JSCB with the aim of optimizing the process of considering loan applications from corporate customers.

Underwriting is a procedure for an independent analysis of the structure of a credit transaction and a customer’s creditworthiness.

The followings are provided according to the underwriting system:

Loans for replenishment of working capital, purchase of fixed assets, intangible assets, works, services, payment of customs duties, as well as the assignment of creditor rights from other banks in favor of “Kapitalbank” JSCB;

The Bank’s guarantee.

Loan amount - from 2 billion UZS up to 5 billion UZS;

Lending term:

For loans for working capital, purchase (payment), work, services and customs payments - up to 12 months.

For loans for the purchase (payment) of fixed assets, intangible assets - up to 36 months.

Early repayment - allowed, no penalties or early repayment fees will be charged.

SECURITY FOR LOAN - collateral can be a pledge of property, including of personal and third parties - both of legal entities and individuals:

  • real estate;
  • motor vehicles;
  • deposit (in national currency and / or foreign exchange);
  • special equipment;
  • equipment;
  • guarantee of a commercial bank or insurance company;
  • surety of a third party;
  • an insurance policy on insurance in favor of a commercial bank of the risk of non-repayment of the loan by the borrower;
  • other liquid property.


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