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Working capital credits are provided for the development of trade, production, expansion of services, etc.

As part of the Working Capital Credit, You can:

  • purchase raw materials, products and components
  • pay for services and work performed;
  • pay for freight, road and customs procedures;
  • replenish stocks;
  • expand the range;
  • make seasonal purchases;
  • expand the business, etc.
CREDIT AMOUNT - In national currency - up to 1 billion som;

                            - In foreign currency - up to 100 thousand US dollars or in the equivalent of another currency.
CREDIT CURRENCY - in national and foreign currency.
CREDIT TERM - up to 18 months.
  • Credit without opening a credit line *
  • With the opening of a revolving credit line (revolving credits)
CREDIT INTEREST REPAYMENT - monthly. Interest is calculated on the actual balance of the credit debt.
REPAYMENT OF THE CREDIT AMOUNT - monthly, after the end of the grace period for repayment of the principal debt. After the end of the grace period for repayment of the principal debt, the amount of the principal debt and accrued interest are repaid by annuity payments (annuity method).
EARLY REPAYMENT - Allowed, fines or early redemption fees will not be charged.
SECURITY FOR CREDIT - collateral can be a pledge of property, including personal and third parties - both legal entities and individuals:
  • the property;
  • jewelry;
  • vehicles;
  • deposit (in national and / or foreign currency);
  • special machines;
  • equipment;
  • guarantee of a commercial bank or insurance company;
  • surety of a third party;
  • insurance policy on insurance in favor of a commercial bank of the risk of non-repayment of the credit by the borrower;
  • other liquid property.
Also, other types of collateral that are not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan can act as collateral for a credit, incl. surety of the State Fund for the Support of Entrepreneurship.
Combined provision is possible.

A combined collateral is possible. The collateral is accepted for a total amount of 125% of the credit amount with a discount **. The amount of the discount depends on the type of property, its value and credit term.
* Credit without opening a credit line - The credit is issued by a one-time payment of the entire credit amount or is made in several tranches within the credit amount (the established issuance limit). Revolving line of credit - Credits are issued and repaid repeatedly within the established debt limit (aggregate debt limit) and within the specified period. Also, when opening a revolving credit line, an additional one-time commission is charged, established by the Bank's tariff. No commission is charged for the unused credit line limit.
** Discount - markdown as a percentage of the value of the property to determine the collateral value. The amount of the discount depends on the type of property, its value and credit term.
Business entities (legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and individuals carrying out entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity) registered in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Having an operating profitable business.
Presence of a primary or secondary deposit account on demand with JSCB "KAPITALBANK".
Place of registration and business in the region of presence of JSCB "KAPITALBANK"
No negative credit history
The term of work and official registration of the business is not less than 6 months is welcome.
Enterprises operating at a loss and having an illiquid balance sheet are not eligible for credits.
  • Expenses before the transfer of the loan application and the package of documents to the bank for consideration:
    • Expenses for compiling up a business plan in compliance with the rates of the consulting agency;
    • Expenses for the appraisal of the pledged item in compliance with the rates of an independent appraisal agency.
  • Expenses after making a favorable decision regarding the loan:
    • Expenses for insurance of the collateral object in compliance with the rates of the insurance company;
    • Expenses in connection with the registration of security for a loan: expenses for paying public duty, expenses for notarization of documents, as well as expenses for processing other documents, in compliance with the fee rates of the authorized bodies.

How to get a loan for сapital assets in “Kapitalbank” JSCB?



Select a branch of the Bank convenient for you in your location and make an appointment with a Bank’s specialist. During the meeting, a Bank specialist will familiarize you with the list of documents required for obtaining a loan, advise on their form and content and answer all your questions.


Collection of documents and execution of a loan application

Collect a complete package of required documents. At the meeting, together with a Bank specialist, fill out a loan application for a loan and submit a full package of the required documents. The Bank’s specialist will register a loan application and provide you with a certificate confirming that your loan application has been registered and the submitted package of documents has been accepted for consideration according to the established procedure.


Consideration of a loan application and decision-making by the Bank according to the established procedure

The period from the date of receiving by the Bank of a loan application for a loan for fixed capital assets with the attachment of a full package of required documents and the date of the Bank’s decision on the loan application will not exceed the period established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The term for considering a loan application and a decision-making depends on the completeness of the set of documents provided by you. Show the Bank specialist your company and property offered as collateral.


Conclusion of a loan agreement and registration of collateral

In case of a favorable decision of the Bank, you shall sign a loan agreement and arrange loan collateral in compliance with the established procedure.


Getting a loan

The loan is issued by opening a separate loan account and payment of your payment orders from this account by the bank transfer.

The Bank's specialists will assist you in making all the steps related to getting a loan for fixed assets


Monthly payment:
... sum
Overpaid amount:
... sum
Submit Application

Calculate your loan

The calculation is preliminary. You will be provided with exact loan terms and conditions in one of the branches of the bank.


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