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The Kapitalbank has launched an exciting drawing in which the winners will have the chance to choose their kilogram of money.

To participate in the drawing, it is necessary to make a purchase for the amount of 200 thousand soums or $20 in Uzbekistan or around the world using a Visa Kapitalbank card. One receipt at one retail outlet a day is one “raffle ticket” to participate in the promotion. To increase the number of chances, participants need to increase the number of receipts.

Drawings of cash prizes will be held monthly live on the “Boriga Baraka” program of the Zo’r TV channel. Using a random number generator, five people will be selected to participate in the TV show. On air, each participant will have the chance to choose one of 20 bags of money. Participants can change their decisions before the selected bag of money is opened. The amounts in bags to win are different: one bag may contain 2 million soums, while another may contain 50 or even 94 million soums. Neither the participants nor the presenter will know how much money is in each bag. It is guaranteed that participants included in the program will leave it with money. But the amount each of them is going to take away will become known at the end of each broadcast of the TV show.

The drawing period is from February 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024. The results of the selection of participants for the broadcast of the “Boriga Baraka” TV show and results of the winners of the draw from Visa Kapitalbank, will be posted monthly on the official Instagram page @visa_kapitalbank and on the website kapitalbank.uz.

The terms of the draw can be found in the offer of the promotion or via 1340. Follow the promotion news on the Instagram page @visa_kapitalbank.


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