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JSCB "Kapitalbank" increased the deposit interest rate "Daily interest payments on Visa"
7 Jun 2023
Now the bank's clients can receive 21% per annum on deposits, interest payments are paid daily to the Visa Soum card. You can open a deposit in a couple of minutes in the bank application.

— It is important for us to provide the clients of JSCB "Kapitalbank" with the most flexible and at the same time favorable conditions. Thus, the “Daily interest payments on Visa” deposit does not require a large initial deposit - the minimum amount is 1,000,000 soums, and our clients can replenish deposit account or withdraw part of the amount without restrictions or penalties at any time in the application, - says Kirill Maevskiy, Board Chairman of JSCB "Kapitalbank". Interest payments comes every day, and this is convenient, for example, for those of our clients who have not yet had experience in using banking products as a source of passive income.

The term of the deposit is 25 (twenty-five) months, however, it is possible to partially withdraw or close the deposit at any time for the client without recalculation. And deposit interest rates are daily paid to the card.

More information about the deposit and other offers of JSCB "Kapitalbank" for individuals and legal entities - on the bank's website or in the customer service center:
Phone: +998 71 200 15 15
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