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94 mln soums were won for the first time in the “Kilogram of Money” lottery
10 Jun 2024
Any Visa Kapitalbank cardholder still has an opportunity to participate in the last drawing.

An accountant from Tashkent has won the largest cash prize in the lottery campaign “Kilogram of Money”, which is being held in Uzbekistan since February 1 for holders of Visa Kapitalbank payment cards. The winners of the fourth drawing of the lottery were announced on May 7 during live broadcast of Boriga baraka program on Zo'r TV channel.

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According to the terms of the campaign, any resident of the republic, who has a Visa card issued by Kapitalbank, can participate in it. Until June 30, it is necessary to make purchases in the amount of 200 thousand soums or $20. After that, the client's data get into the random number generator, which selects five players who receive an invitation to the next drawing. During the program broadcast, participants are given the opportunity to choose one of 20 bags on the game reel. One kilogram of banknotes is hidden in each of them. The denomination of banknotes in each case is different, so the amount of money in the bags can vary from 2 million to 94 million soums. Of course, it is a mystery to everyone, including the players and the show's host, how much money and in which bag is hidden.

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During the May drawing, three out of five participants picked bags containing 2 million soums each. One of the participants succeeded in taking a bag with 20 million soums from the drum. The real sensation was the luck that smiled on Dildora, who works in Tashkent as an accountant. So far, none of the participants has managed to get the main prize of 94 million soums. As Dildora herself admitted, she did not estimate her chances for such a success very high and was not even going to go to the broadcast after receiving an invitation. But at the last moment she changed her mind and did not regret it. With the money won, the family will be able to buy a new car.

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The campaign “Kilogram of Money” from Visa Kapitalbank will continue until June 30, after that the selection of participants of the last drawing will take place. The selection results, as well as the results of all Boriga baraka broadcasts, can be followed through the official Instagram pages @visa_kapitalbank and @kapitalbank.uz, as well as on the website http://kilovisa.kapitalbank.uz. The offer of the campaign with the terms and conditions of the drawing is also posted there.

For more information please call 1340.
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