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Participation in the promotion can be taken by the bank’s clients who activate one of the available deposits within a giveaway period from September 1st till December 31st. Bank offers two deposits for the occasion: a foreign currency deposit “Zor 7%” and a deposit in national currency “Daily interest on Visa”. “Kapitalbank” JSCB will be giving away one Chevrolet Nexia 3 each month and nine cash prizes worth 3 mln to 10 mln soum weekly.

The deposits acquisition is possible via bank’s mobile application or at its nearest branches. The interest of the “Zor 7%” deposit will be paid of upfront the day the deposit is opened by а client. And the “Daily interest on Visa” deposit holders will be receiving interest every day or monthly to their Visa Kapitalbank card. The minimum amount of investment is 1 mln soum or 100$USD only. In order to increase chances of winning the deposit can be replenished at any time and must stay active for the promotional period of time. Winners will be selected via random digits’ generator program during live broadcast. The process of selection will be monitored by the antimonopoly committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Citizens of Uzbekistan age of 18 and above may participate in the promotion. The employees of the “Kapitalbank” JSCB are not permitted for the participation. Terms and conditions are available at the bank’s website or via the phone number 71 200 1515 or short number 1340. Deposits can be opened via bank’s application or at its nearest branches.

Kapitalbank application: iOS, Android


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