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“uzA +” National Rating Has Been Assigned to the JSCB Kapitalbank
06/14/2023 12:04:19
Analysts of Ahbor-Reyting, the first rating agency in Uzbekistan, have updated the assessment of JSCB Kapitalbank according to the national scale, assigning the “uzA +” level with a “positive” outlook to the Bank.

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Based on the results of the activity of the Bank in 2022, the Agency’s experts assessed the high creditworthiness, stable financial performance and the quality and stable liquidity of the Bank’s assets. The “positive” outlook indicates further strengthening of the position of the JSCB Kapitalbank in the market.

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The JSCB Kapitalbank is the largest private bank in the country, which offers a wide range of banking services for private and corporate customers, including settlement and cash services, opening and maintaining accounts, transfers, lending and securities transactions.

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