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“Kapitalbank “ is among the leaders: residents of Tashkent appreciated the quality of banking services
11/19/2020 16:32:23

The study has been held in the form of a blitz interview with the customers of commercial bank. Over a thousand respondents have participated in this interview: 450 individuals and 642 legal entities.

The Central Bank has made a survey among residents of the capital regarding the quality of banking services. The respondents have been interviewed about four criteria: reliability, competence, generosity and customer support.

“Kapitalbank” has become among the five banks-leaders of public opinion. In addition, the residents of Tashkent have assigned the rating “Good” for all positions to four banks: “Ipak Yuli Bank”, “Asia Alliance Bank”, “Invest Finance Bank” and “Orient Finance Bank”. In eight banks, customers have mentioned satisfactory quality of banking services, and in other five banks they have assessed the quality as unsatisfactory.

The Central Bank has noted that the results of the survey have been formulated in reliance upon the opinions of consumers of banking services and they do not constitute the position of the regulator. The Central Bank has added that they will continue to hold consumer surveys on an ongoing basis to assess the quality of services offered in banks, which results f will be provided to the general public through the communication channels of the Central Bank.

In the future, the Central Bank intends to expand tools for assessing the quality of banking services at commercial banks, including through the use of the “secret customer” mechanism, as well as through the introduction of advanced international standards.

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