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March 6, 2020

“Kapitalbank” told about the advantages of the deposit “Always net positive”.

The main advantage is possibility to withdraw it in the convenient currency – in UZS or in USD.

Go to the source: https://www.afisha.uz/gorod/2020/03/06/kapitalbank/

March 6, 2020

“Kapitalbank”: - We have an opportunity to exchange USD at a higher rate.

At the branches of “Kapitalbank” it is possible to exchange USD at a higher rate and make non-cash conversion through “Apelsin” application.

Go to the source: https://www.gazeta.uz/ru/2020/03/06/kapitalbank/

February 28, 2020

“Kapitalbank” launched deposits without risks “Always net positive”.

A new deposit “Always net positive” will give an opportunity to save money in two currencies by the risk hedging principle.

Go to the source: https://www.afisha.uz/gorod/2020/02/28/kapitalbank/

February 27, 2020

“Kapitalbank”: “Which currency is more convenient for saving money – UZS or USD”.

“Always net positive” deposit from “Kapitalbank” works in reliance upon the risk hedging principle and enables to save money in two currencies at the same time.

Go to the source: https://www.gazeta.uz/ru/2020/02/27/kapitalbank/

January 27, 2020

Alisher Mirzaev headed “Kapitalbank”

Alisher Mirzaev was appointed as the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Bank. Alisher Mirzaev previously worked on the position of the Deputy Chairman of “Hamkorbank”.

Go to the source: https://www.gazeta.uz/ru/2020/01/27/kapitalbank/

January 23, 2020

“Kapitalbank” held forum on the international development of the bank.

Chairman of the Council Makhsud Abdusamadov told about corporate culture, strategy of the internal development of the bank and the system of values.

Go to the source:https://www.gazeta.uz/ru/2020/01/23/kapitalbank/

December 18, 2019

“Kapitalbank” offers the service on opening children plastic cards.

It is possible to open a plastic card for children under the age of 10 at “Kapitalbank” JSCB and manage it in “Apelsin” mobile application.

Go to the source:https://www.gazeta.uz/ru/2019/12/18/kapitalbank/

February 7, 2019

“Kapitalbank” established a banking service center in Andijan

On February 3, a new banking service center was established in Andijan in order to improve customer services of “Kapitalbank”.

Source link: https://www.gazeta.uz/ru/2019/02/07/kapitalbank/

May 2, 2018

AKB Kapitalbank and Commerzbank AG - time-tested cooperation

The cooperation of “Kapitalbank” JSCB with the famous German bank Commerzbank AG makes it possible to significantly facilitate the international financial operations of the bank’s clients.

Source link: https://uznews.uz/ru/article/10130

September 13, 2017

Conversion cards of “Kapitalbank” JSCB have become even more accessible.

“Kapitalbank” JSCB has developed flexible tariffs for registering and servicing conversion plastic cards.

Go to the source: https://uznews.uz/ru/article/6930

September 11, 2017

“Kapitalbank” entered the international arena

“Kapitalbank” JSCB is the first among the banks of Uzbekistan to be represented in Europe as a reliable investment partner.

Go to the source: https://kun.uz/ru/news/2017/09/11/kapitalbank-vysel-na-mezdunarodnyj-uroven


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